Supplier invoices Service

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Directorate General for Financial Affairs and supplies
Supply Management
Registration form contractors and service providers

Contracting field in which it operates with the pro highlight each of the documents, namely:

Number steadfast workers The number of temporary workers

Staff qualifications and specialization

The name
Date of qualification

Some of the work you have undertaken in the field of T_khasskm with the highlight so pro Documents

Executor work
the beneficiary
type of employment
date of starting
Cost Dinars

Staff qualifications and specialization

Type machine or equipment
the number
Date of qualification
Certificate of incorporation
Work permit
Biography attaching certificates of those who provide them with projects
Contractors Union membership certificate
Tax card
Certificate of discharge from slaughter
Financial ability certificate
Approval of the company's owner
I am the owner of the company according to the mandate given to me Muwaffaq acknowledged that the information stated above are true and correct and that it does not contain any false information to mislead the Commission has I regard the honesty