Medical care service

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:Service Description
Medical care service is one of the informative services offered by the company for its employees and staff of engineers and Alpheneyen and workers as well as Hrakana in the Fund.

It enables the service to inquire about agencies and services covered by Medicare fund electronically, which, for convenience, coverage and access to treatment services are quick and easy and smooth.

This service is the participation of the Sudanese company for the distribution of electricity to the efforts made by the Medicare fund to publish the evidence and newsletters, supplements and new contracts covered by the Fund.

We offer this service through the electronic gate of the company does not Nnsi all those mighty continuing efforts by the medical care fund to provide excellent medical care for its staff and wide spread of … urging them to accept and reconcile

:This service is available through the following channels

  1. Electronic company gate. Ask the service
  2. Across hospitals and health centers of the company
  3. Smart Device Application Android